PanNASH Initiative

We believe that NASH is currently poorly understood and underdiagnosed. As we advance lanifibranor toward pivotal development, we are endeavouring to increase awareness and disseminate knowledge related to NASH among the scientific and clinical community, patients and other key stakeholders within the healthcare system.

To this end, we have founded and sponsored the development of the panNASH Initiative. The panNASH Initiative is a working group consisting of a committee of international independent experts that aims to increase the visibility and contribute to a better understanding of NASH, including improving diagnosis and establishing best practices for the treatment of the disease.

The committee includes European and American medical experts in areas related to NASH, such as hepatology, diabetes and cardiology, along with scientific experts focused on promoting a better understanding of the pathophysiological mechanisms involved in NASH.

The panNASH Initiative intends to develop and disseminate new findings about NASH through publications, conferences and training sessions. It focuses on risk factors for the development of the disease, the identification of patients at risk, clinical markers and associated health risks, as well as the development of new treatments. Specifically, the panNASH Initiative is working to increase knowledge of the underlying pathological mechanisms of NASH ranging from metabolic disorders to fibrosis, with a focus on the modulating role in the disease played by PPARs. To visit the panNASH website, click here.